Mr.Atul Sheth, Sharada Motors Pvt. Ltd

Exposure to the contents of this Training program develops a Business sense amongst the Functional Managers / Leaders & Enables them to take decisions that would largely fall in line with the expectations of the Top Management .Benefits of this program are at professional & individual level too. Topics covered –Timing-Level of exposure etc .is adequate enough to be effective .I would strongly recommend this training to the Tier 1 & 2 Manager / Leaders

Mr.Shailesh Pandit , (CEO) Shalaka Enterprises

I attended course conducted in October, November 2015 with my team. I found the program cut out for SMEs and covering all topics required to handle the day to day activities a senior manager is supposed to carry. It provided great insights in fundamentals like costing, ratio analysis, inco terms which were used without full understanding at times. The program also provided information on basics of economics which widened our scope of understanding. The best part was that we could start implementation on each topic immediately after the session, and we expect good results of the same

Mr.R Prabu, (Manager - Exports), Epcos India Pvt. Ltd

I could recently attend Commercial training session from Mr Pradeep Ghare which was quite interesting and also helped me to understand basic facts of accounting and finance & its implications to business environment. The 2 days session was even useful for managers like me without finance background. He has sound knowledge in commercial terms and is able to customize his examples and knowledge sharing to interest of his audience. I wish him many more success and continue his journey of enlightening the young managers of this nation to perform and excel in their jobs

Mr.Sanjay Patil, Koso India Pvt. Ltd

MDP is the best workshop to successfully run any kind of industries. It is not related only finance or accounting purpose, but also covered shop activities & all functional area, how it’s impact on finance report. Based on such outcomes, core team members or functional managers will focused on related area & resulted into increase efficiency & productivity

Mr.Devendra Bapat, Reliable Autotech Pvt. Ltd

Contents of the workshop are very practical in nature and most of the important business areas such as Finance, Costing, Banking, HR & Personnel, Indirect Taxes & Commercials aspects covered in this workshop should be of great help to Entrepreneurs & Managers to manage the business more effectively.

Mr. Anil Sahaje, (Gen. Manager - HR) GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited

The Catalyst conducted in house workshop for our blue collar and management staff team members on the topic "Working Effectively in interdependent Environment". Not only the workshop was appreciated by the participants but we could see the sensitization and the relevant impact in gradual way. This was a customized module which covered in simple language basics of business dynamics. The concept of interdependent, coming out of silo culture, ability to connect with the team member, importance of emotional intelligence in personal and professional life was well covered. We also got the feedback from participants that this workshop has helped them immensely in personal and family front. High energy level of Mr. Pradeep Ghare and his team, use of role plays, clippings and games as made a desirable impact. The ambiance of MMRD has also contributed a lot to this cause

Ms. Divya Munot, Bewakoof Brands Pvt. Ltd

Finance made easy and simple" Mr. Pradeep Ghare made finance easy and simple. He was very articulate in explaining the different aspects of finance with the help of examples which a layman could understand. He also made us understand how each and every person in the organization contributes to the top & bottom line. He was full of life, took all questions in his stride and answered all of them to the understanding of the group. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who would want to deep dive into Finance and learn the most of it in a short span of time.

Mr. Mahendra Kadvekar, Senior Manager Operations – Lear Automotive India Pvt. Ltd

I attended the MDP conducted by Mr. Pradeep Ghare, for a period of Eight Weeks. MDP is a program where we learnt how a business manager can be effective and difference between a Manager, Leader and Business Manager. Each session was very interactive, bringing out the simple & clear understanding of varied business topics & generated a good enthusiasm among the participants. Mr. Ghare and other trainers kept everyone involved and engaged throughout the entire MDP workshop. This MDP program is an interesting and a must for every business manager at a decision making & implementation level of the management pyramid.

Ms. Kiran Sarkar, Manager – Sustainability, Mahindra & Mahindra

As we say “ Tell me & I forget. Teach me and I remember, Involve me & I learn”, this workshop was all about involvement & interaction. It gave a holistic business perspective & focused on financial management through practical examples. I must appreciate Mr. Ghare and his team for such a wonderful workshop which helped mind boggling numbers and balance sheets easy for me. I must agree that this is not a course fee but this is a real investment. I am really thankful to Mr. Ghare for teaching all these jargons and motivate us to implement in our organisation. I would strongly recommend this workshop to all entrepreneurs who wish to develop and streamline their operations and motivate their managers to improvise their competency.

Mr. Adesh Pathak, Director, Paramatmane Design Studio Pvt. Ltd

The one simple trait every employer looks for is a reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit in his or her employees. This course provides the participant a macro view of what can be done, importantly how much more can be accomplished. Cross domain insights to keep it real synergies are always upbeat. This course helps both, the stake holder & the employees engage with each other in a very different paradigm.

Mr. Ajay Lagad, Managing Director, Param Controls

Financial discipline is major aspects of business. Many of the business owners are from non-finance background & are not aware about how to read financial statement and evaluate it. Management Development Program (MDP) teaches in very simplistick way with examples. MDP is an excellent program for SME which touches to all the required parameter in business such as Taxation, HR, Costing & Legal, etc. This program is helpful to all participants to make their organisation more efficient & profitable.

Ms Deepali Sawdekar, HR, Efacec India Pvt. Ltd

Excellent workshop, well presented with real life examples and making finance interesting to our non-finance executives. Would recommend this workshop for our other executives

Mr. Rajesh Shukla, Head - Indirect Taxation, Tata Motors Limited

Thanks for conducting session on “Conflict Management” for TML Team. Every participant has given feedback that they have received practical tips on how to deal with Conflict in day to day basis, not only in Professional space but also in personal life, which will help them to be more effective manager and composed human being. Once again thanks for conducting such a wonderful session, which showcased your experience and expertise of dealing with complex issues and the passion for development of Human resource. Looking forward for such more value added engagements.

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