Management Development Program

One of the important aspects for HR Manager’s success is his ability to understand business in general and finance in particular. To enhance this skill, an intensive one day workshop exclusively for HR fraternity has been organized.

Key Take-Aways Guaranteed :
  • Strong sense of overall business functions in general and finance in particular.
  • Active part in understanding, drafting KRA/KPI’s for other departments by using financial indicators.
  • Understand the financial jargons like Net Worth, Capital Employed, EBITDA, EPS etc. & correlate with functions.
  • Industry benchmarking through learning practical aspects of Ratio Analysis, this would improve the knowledge of your company and increase the ability to benchmark against industry standards for other functional departments .
  • Sound understanding of Balance Sheet ,Profit & Loss, Cash Flow on a real life case study.
  • Understand what working capital is and how HR can play a role in this with a practical example.
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