Finance For Business Managers

FINANCE is the key word in any organization as it occupies the centre stage in all decision making processes. Though non-financial parameters are also important, the corporate performance is primarily measured in terms of PROFITS and other financial parameters like, return on equity (ROE), return on total capital employed (ROCE) or return on assets (ROA) etc.

For this, it is important that all the managers/ HOD’s of every department particularly those with non-financial background have a broad overview of all aspects of financial management. They can then appreciate the decision making processes better, and also contribute significantly to improve the overall quality of an organization’s functioning. This is the backdrop in which the program on ‘Finance for Business Managers’ is envisaged.

Following Aspects Are Covered :-
  • Basics of finance
  • Working capital and role of every individual
  • Costing technique
  • Payback approach
  • Ratio analysis and bench marking
  • MIS
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