Goal Setting

Basically ,in an organization every person has a role to play and the value addition expected is different at every level for example a person who is a shop supervisor will have more doer level value addition as compared to the head operations, who will have more strategic areas to work. For every individual apart from his day to day working which, no doubt is important but just think of a situation where each member of the team takes some target which adds substantial value to the organization as well as to the individual which is more than just routine work. The entire process is known as Goal Setting where individual employee takes 4 to 5 goals for the year, apart from his day to day work.

This entire workshop will enable employee to learn and implementing Goal Setting which includes
  • How to set Goals
  • What is joint accountability?
  • What are the criteria of setting goals?
  • How assumptions and premise makes difference
  • How to set SMART Goals.
  • What is prevention and contingency planning?
  • Assign weights to the goal
  • Periodically review
  • Build culture of accountability and responsibility.First half, we explain the process and second half we assist in making the goal sheet ready
How it is beneficial to the organization :
  • Since these are written down properly, people become more focused.
  • For employee, it is a sense of satisfaction as he or she is targeting something which was not done earlier
  • This is also used to define variable pay system
  • It fosters better team spirit as Goals cannot be achieved in isolation.
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