Developing Strong Finance And Commercial Sense

This workshop will give practical insight on various vital business aspects which would help in substantially improvising the effectiveness.

Key Take-Aways Guaranteed :
  • Understanding finance fundamentals interpreting financial statements, co-relate our day to day working with finance as driving force. This would help to analyse vendor/customers from financial perspective.
  • Understand in detail working capital & what is my role in it?
  • Concept of risk management & its business implication.
  • What is business plan? How do I contribute in making the business plan effective? Understanding product-market matrix
  • Understanding in detail different types of bank accounts and various banking products in general and letter of credit, standby letter of credit, bank guarantee, forward contract, IBAN, SWIFT, RTGS, NEFT, etc in particular. Understanding negotiable instruments act with respect to bouncing of cheques.
  • How indirect taxation works? Concept of excise duty, customs duty, sales tax, GST, interstate sale implications, concept of VAT, landed cost calculation, high sea sales, CST, deemed export, E1 & E2 transactions, EOU, SEZ, bill of entry, etc.
  • Understanding various economic terms like GDP, fiscal deficit, revenue deficit, repo rate, SLR, CRR, reverse repo rate, etc.
  • International Commercial terms (INCO terms) and its implications from finance, tax & legal angle.
  • Understanding legal agreements, various terms used in agreement for case study. How to interpret various legal terms and how to protect interest of the company. (with a practical case study approach)
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