Managerial Effectiveness & Result Orientation

This full day workshop aims at improvising on fundamental skills in a person there by making him effective in his personal and professional life.
The effectiveness is not a function of personality ethic but to a great extent character ethic which is the foundation of any relationship at home or work front. It is observed that effective people practice many simple things in life there by "earning respect" which makes them effective as well as successful in life. This program is generic and is applicable for all levels of employees per se.

Key Take Aways Guaranteed :-

  • Importance of Emotional Bank Account
  • Working around priorities and handling "Big Rocks" (Time Management)
  • Am I Proactive Or Reactive?
  • How Listening can dramatically impact results.
  • What is 9, 9 style of manager and where am I?
  • How style of manager is important, which is best one?
  • How do I practice the best style?
  • Am I sharpening my Saw?
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